Focus on savings

Potential savings often go unrecognised. Where there’s work, there’s paperwork – this much is no surprise. But do you know your company’s exact printing costs? They are often significantly higher than expected.

Hidden expenses alone in areas like administration, energy consumption, document processing and hotline support make up as much as 60% of total printing costs.

We’d be glad to let you in on the secrets to achieving transparency in your printing environment, optimising workflows and effectively utilising savings potential.

Transparency means clarity

Toshiba Managed Document Services: a vendor-independent, end-to-end solution that takes a close-up view of your document processing from every angle and gives you a clear picture of direct and indirect printing costs within your company.

Based on this knowledge, we work with you to take appropriate measures to effectively and lastingly optimise this area of your business. Various components come into play:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Finance

The more components put to use to complement and expand on each other, the more pronounced the Toshiba Effect – cost reduction in printing and document processing.

Three simple steps to success

Even dynamic processes can be controlled. To enable you to profit from the Toshiba Effect swiftly and lastingly, we have developed a 3-stage method that we call AIM. It describes our service process in terms of tasks and chronology.

With AIM your goals stay in clear view at all times. The result: reduced printing costs, optimised workflows and enhanced productivity.

Analyse, evaluate, optimise

Our work begins with an analysis of your existing printer landscape and all related structures and processes. This includes scanning your printer network, checking devices and interviewing your staff. We thus gain an accurate overview of how, where and when every printing process takes place within your company.

Based on the data captured, we develop a package of measures optimally tailored to meet your specific needs. These can be straightforward measures for more efficient device utilisation as well as complex recommendations that positively affect the entire workflow.

Procurement, installation, configuration

Without disrupting your day-to-day work processes, we systematically address each task defined in cooperation with you in our project plan. Should you be planning to invest in new equipment and technologies for your company, we will develop suggestions and solutions individually tailored to meet your needs.

If required, our staff and service specialists can be specially trained according to your needs and can work if desired onsite at your company. This shortens channels of communication and reaction times.

Controlling, reporting, planning

In close cooperation with you, we watch over your printing environment with the help of computer-supported monitoring tools. Printers, copiers, consumables – we see to all the needs of your document management infrastructure, including procurement, maintenance, repair and of course all required software components.

At regular intervals you receive reports listing all numbers, data and facts related to your document management. Based on this information and an evaluation of the individual details, we can develop further measures for continuous optimisation without interrupting your processes.

Dedicated experts at work

Profit right down the line

Comprehensive cost control means Toshiba Managed Document Services will pay off for your company, even after just a few weeks or months. Our approach systematically reduces printing expenses, improves workflows, boosts purchasing efficiency and cuts down energy costs.

Our experts work with your existing infrastructure, upgrading devices as they become obsolete and leasing contracts expire. And because business continuity is a top priority, any possible interference with your day-to-day operations is kept to an absolute minimum.

To sum up: you and your staff can rely on our support – and concentrate fully on your company’s core business.

Benefit from the Toshiba effect

Reduce your printing costs and at the same time optimise your document management and all related processes.

Your advantages include:

  • Cost savings
  • Reliable document management
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Planning security
  • Freedom to focus on core business

Putting it all together

What makes our Managed Document Services unique is our holistic approach.

We analyse and optimise your document output – on multifunction systems as well as on barcode systems – and also take a look at your environmental footprint.

By considering all these aspects we are able to offer you the best possible way to optimise your printing costs without compromising on your efficiency.

Ready to start saving?